Resin and wood wall piece 360 mm x470 mm
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There's more than one reason to buy handmade. Firstly, you know that what you are getting has been made by someone who loves what they do - and in many cases has spent years perfecting their craft. You also know that you are getting something original - even if something can be made repeatedly, no two items are ever going to be identical so you're getting an original, and of course, some things are complete one-offs.  And ethically, you can absolutely guarantee that what you buy hasn't been created in a sweat shop by underpaid workers.... actually, some of our crafters might disagree with that last statement but you can be sure that while they are toiling away on your behalf, they are doing little happy dances every time you choose what they have made :-) 

Cutting Wood

Hand Crafted items are individual and, therefore, may differ slightly from the image, or each other. 

This means that whatever you choose is going to be totally unique - everything we sell is handmade in the UK from materials sourced from all over the world to give you the finest end product. 

We are so excited to offer you the items we have made for you. And we have so much more that we need to add to the site, and so much more to make - so if you don't see what you are looking for us, simply contact us; we may already have it, or be able to work with you to create just what it is you are looking for.