Flower Girl

When I was eight years old I was a Bridesmaid for my Auntie Val; these days, no doubt, I would have been referred to as a Flower Girl but this was in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth (sorry, Auntie Val) so all of us who sported long frocks and trailed behind my gorgeous Auntie as she made her way up the aisle towards my soon to be Uncle Ted, were all lumped together with the monika, 'bridesmaid'.

I have very fond memories of the entire experience, from going to have dress fittings in someone's front room - all handmade, don'tcha know; to the actual day when I truly felt like a proper princess. My dress was grass-green satin overlaid with white broderie anglaise, which the green

shimmered through, and perched atop my long ringlets was a matching mob cap. I thought I was the absolute bee's knees. And of course, there's no way I could ever forget the sauciness of the garter pin being attached to Auntie Val's stocking!

And of course, there were the flowers to hold, and the making sure I didn't step on her train, and all the posing for the photographs and... well, you know how weddings pan out. But then at the reception, I was presented with a beautiful necklace, to which I announced to the mirth of all those there, 'but I would have done it for nothing.'

Months later, I was invited to a birthday party - a fancy dress birthday party, and my Mum allowed me to wear my precious bridesmaid's dress and cap and, clutching a stuffed toy dog that morphed into a lamb for the occasion, and someone's walking stick (I really must remember to ask Mum who she scrounged that off), I went as Little Bo Peep. And I felt just as amazing on that day as I had on the day of the wedding.

The point I am trying so laboriously to make is that when you are planning your wedding, and deciding upon the roles that people are going to take, and what they will wear and what accoutrements they will have, you are not just creating a memory board for yourself, but for those other people too. You are setting the tone, the mood, the experience that will last a lifetime (no pressure then) and so the attention to detail that you are giving to your Big Day isn't just for one day. The extra little touches that you put in place won't just be treasured and remembered by you; you are creating a backdrop to perhaps the most important milestone in your life, and so it's a backdrop that will be treasured by all those who are involved.

Have a great Wedding Day and a happy and wonderful life together.

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