Naming the Day

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

So, you've decided to get married and all the fuss of the engagement announcement is a fond memory. This next bit is going to be the easy bit, right? Perhaps. But not necessarily if you don't want to upset anyone (and no-one has even mentioned seating plans yet).

But this is your wedding, so should you care? You might tell yourself not, until, that is, your well-meaning fiance suggests a date that clashes with the rugby world cup final that your Dad has been looking forward to for, like, forever.

"He can watch it in the bar after the ceremony," might not be the best thing to ever have come out of the love of your life's mouth, but neither is you retaliating with, "Let's have it on a Wednesday. Isn't that the day your mother has her moustache trimmed?"

It's a wonder anyone ever makes it down the aisle, but you need to start somewhere and perhaps the first thing to decide is how long you want to wait. If you need to time to save up, and who doesn't, you might find yourself with over a year, or more, to play with - which means you can choose the season first.

That decided, are there any memorable days in that season - a birthday, anniversary etc that you want to commemorate or avoid? That might narrow things down a bit. Something else to consider is whether your wedding absolutely has to be a weekend do. Weekday weddings are often much cheaper, from the registrar to the venue, but then, will all of your most important guests be able to get time off work?

Choosing the date is only the first of many decisions to make so maybe you should give the Secretary-General of the UN a call, first as last.

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