A personalised gift shows that you really care - and this keyring from the Silver Kat Jewellery Collection combines thoughtfulness with practicality. Created with stainless steel, aluminium and a crystal bead.


Hand Stamping, also known as Metal Stamping, is the process of using a hammer to imprint various designs, letters and numbers onto metal. Aluminium is a perfect medium for hand stamping: it is lightweight, doesn't tarnish, and because it doesn't contain lead or nickel, is practically hypoallergenic. Additionally, aluminium doesn't react to oils, acids or moisture as some other metals do.

Each character or design is stamped individually before being polished for a beautiful finish. Not to be confused with machine engraving, hand stamped items are unique. Thanks to the nature of the process, there may be slight differences in the depth or spacing of the characters; this adds to the distinctive appearance of each piece and is not a flaw. Another feature of hand stamped elements is the displacement of the metal, which can sometimes be seen on its reverse side. Again, this isn't a flaw but a feature that adds to its individuality and charm.

Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible if we are given incorrect details to hand stamp. These are personalised items and returns cannot be accepted in these instances, nor refunds given unless we are at fault. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Bee Safe Hand Stamped Key Ring