This truly beautiful live edge chopping board/platter comes from the Trish Rogers Collection and is perfect for dinner parties and special occasion meals. Featuring a waney edge that lifts it to magnificent, this board has been crafted from salvaged or storm damged trees from Ireland - Trish never uses harvested timber.


Once in her posession, the wood is delicately cut, sanded and finished by hand to make a perfect and unique board/platter; you can guarantee no-one in the world will have a board just like yours. In order to retain the natural shape and beauty of the timber, Trish allows it to dry naturally, thus preserving its natural imperfections and markings, before treating it with a blend of beeswax and food-safe oil making 100% safe for food use. 


Care Instructions 

All wooden chopping boards/platters should be wiped clean only.

Do not allow the board/platter to sit in water as this will cause warping and splitting when drying out. It is recommended that all wooden chopping boards/platters are treated with a food-safe chopping board wax or oil on a regular basis.


Dimensions are at the widest length and width. This Burred Elm board is 69cm (27.5 ins) x 32cm (12.8 ins) x2.5cm (1 in) and weighs 2.175kg

Burred Elm Chopping Board #3